ESSMA Connect

ESSMA Connect is an online meeting in which an ESSMA Member brings an interesting topic to the table. The aim is to inspire each other with these case-stories, brought to you in a concise manner. Everybody is welcome during this bi-weekly Friday session, starting on 19 February.

ESSMA Connect session 1 – 1,500 fans returning to Almere City FC


As part of a test event series, Keuken Kampioen Divisie Club Almere City FC hosted a test event with 1,500 fans returning to the stadium on Sunday 28 February. Ezra Eland, Safety Manager at the club, shared the first insights and lessons learned.

ESSMA Connect session 1 – Tiger House at FC Utrecht


FC Utrecht has added a house for the mascot to their stadium, filled with activities for the youngest audience members. And even on non-match days there are opportunities to interact with the mascots and therefore Utrecht FC. The general idea is that magical moments with the mascot at a young age result into fans for life. Stef Van Der Weide (Safety & Operations Manager) & Sonny Van Kranenburg (Generation Z Marketeer) discussed the idea and the process.